• The road to successful AUTOMATION starts here!

    Take control of your home and have Safety, Security, Convenience and Peace of Mind!


  • Monitor and Control your home at anytime, anywhere...

    Team Taylor KC offers intelligent communication that allows you to access, activate and monitor and control all devices in your home.  This will increase the security of your home. Imagine being able to control your home even if you are away on vacation or a business trip? You can by tapping into your home automation system by using your smartphone or computer.  Change the temperature in the house from your phone.  See who comes and goes, see when packages are delivered. Get notified every time some rings the door bell or walks up to your door. Adjust the lights, turn on TV's and other electronics.  The options are endless with a home automation system.  All you have to do is call us today at 816-812-6392.



  • Get your home set with automation with Z Wave Technology.  You can customize your smart home to meet your needs.  Whether you have an existing smart home or are looking to start, our smart guides will help connect you with the right products.


  • Preset times for the garage door to close or the lights to turn on or off with the MyQ® app Scheduling feature.


  • I was very satisfied with the service Stephen of Team TaylorKC provided. He came the day after I reached out to them, was punctual, polite, worked efficiently, and returned my garage door to proper function in minutes. He was very honest about the condition of specific parts and did not suggest any unnecessary work or expenses. The fee was very reasonable.

    Nellie Enneking

  • Stephen was professional and courteous. He is someone I would always want to assist with my issues. In fact he gave me his card and I will always ask for him. Excellent job on hiring Stephen!!! Best,

    geralyn kelly

  • —Friendly, honest, and efficient. Steven took care of my needs quickly and professionally. If there was a problem he told me up front! I enjoyed doing business with him and his team. They are excellent!

    Leah Everette